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Basically, every home owner or building owner to install a photovoltaic system. Even the hiring of roofs for the installation of a photovoltaic system is possible. As a plant operator, you can pay using the "Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)" your system and also generate more financial gain. A photovoltaic system is profitable and future-oriented. Even small roofs make a profit.

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What are the advantages of a photovoltaic systems?

The benefits of a photovoltaic system are wide ranging. Starting with the   emission-free electricity that is environmentally friendly, to the lucrative   returns. Your system is connected to the local power grid, you get because of the "Renewable Energy Act" (EEG) each kilowatt hour fed for 20 years. Other advantages of photovoltaic systems are:

Advantages in letting one's own roof

Approximately 7-15 years does it take to pay off a photovoltaic system. The amortization period is related to the proceeds from the EEG, the cost and energy yield. Once the acquisition costs are amortized using EEG, each kilowatt hour of electricity fed on pure profit for you.

Infeed remuneration from february 2013


roof systems

Roof systems
about 1 MWp to 10 MWp and open space systems to 10 MWp (Ct/kWh)

to 10 kWp

to 40 kWp
to 1 MWp
from 01.02.2013
from 01.03.2013
from 01.04.2013
Degression from 01.02. - 30.04.13 is 2,2 %

Optimal alignment of photovoltaic modules

Ideally, the solar systems are geared toward the south. If the system is   designed on the basis of the roof or surface orientation towards southwest or southeast, it causes only a minimal energy loss. More important is the angle of inclination of the collectors. These may be inclined between 20° and 60°.
In the summer of collectors acquire smaller inclination angle, a better yield. During winter, the energy is higher at larger angles of inclination.

We are happy to arrange a no obligation appointment on site to help you create the object on the basis of the roof or a customized offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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We will help you step by step in the implementation of your solar project:

1. Briefing und Offer:
For a personal appointment on the spot, the size, the inclination and the orientation of the roof was added. From these data, we provide you an individual offer.

2. Conversation with the consultant
Due to various tax deductions of a solar system, a conversation with an accountant worthwhile

3. Financing concept
We will help you design a customized financing with the bank you trust to develop and to make the loan application.

4. Delivery of the order
After the first three steps are checked off, we welcome your order for the installation of the solar system.

5. Installation and Commissioning
Your system will be installed quickly and ready for your plant. After extensive review and approval of the plant-rich, we connect them to the power of regional utilities.

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