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Your specialist for photovoltaic systems and solar cleaning

We are a master craftsman and give you detailed and objective information about the individual use of your roof in the field of photovoltaics, as well as possible funding and banks for financing.
We install photovoltaic systems for home owners or building owners, for   individuals and small or large businesses

Take advantage of this environmentally friendly form of energy!

The purchase of a photovoltaic system is unfortunately not cost-effective.   One wonders fast: how to raise such sums?
In funding will help not only the "Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)", but   also various financial institutions and banks. The loans of the listed banks and institutions are more attractive and low-interest than normal loans.

Banks and institutions:

Some banks and institutions lending only to private plant operators and other   banks, in turn, only to commercial operators. We will help you find the right   bank, so it also works with the financing. Take advantage of the possibilities   for your photovoltaic project!



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