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Solar Cleaning

Photovoltaic plants lose due to external agents, such as Rain, snow and wind, and through a small angle to the self-cleaning effect. In the worst case can put deposits on the various modules set that causes yield losses. With the help of solar cleaning, the environmentally friendly way to clean the solar panels, can be counteracted

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Causes for excessive pollution of the solar modules

The causes are dependent on local conditions. The solar modules with a low tendency to be installed, does the self-cleaning effect is no longer optimal. This has the consequence that the solar modules pollute strongly with time.

The most common causes of pollution are:

Such deposits can performance degradation of 10% to over 20% result.

How does the solar cleaning works?

To clean the solar panels we use only pure recycled, environmentally friendly and mineralized water . The cleaning is done with a soft brush glass are thoroughly treated with the individual modules. After this treatment, the modules can berinsed off again, so that the remaining dirt is removed. This cleaning method is efficient and environmentally friendly.

Objectives of the solar cleaning :

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Solar Cleaning